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The Infinity is one of the newest Galapagos Cruise yachts in the luxury category. Its design is the most modern and sumptuous in the archipelago. Feel comfortable and free while enjoying the beautiful landscapes. Take a moment to rest in the private balcony that each cabin has. Or maybe take a rest in the ample sun deck after walking around Galapagos.

The infinity crew was selected carefully to ensure the best experience in your trip. Also, you will have two tour guides during your journey, this private service for sure will enhance your adventure. The Galapagueño Ortiz family imported the M/V Infinity after retiring the Galaven which was their signature boat for over 20 years, this experience can be seen in every detail they put in preparing the boat for the archipelagos waterways. It is also nice to know you are supporting entrepeneurship through a locally owned operation. Voyagers Travel holds a long standing relationship with the Ortiz, our local agents got to know the boat when it was being customized in Guayaquil and were invited on one of the maiden voyages.  

Infinity |  Galapagos Cruises
From $2,945.00
Bedroom | Infinity Yacht
Suite | Infinity Yacht
Room | Infinity Yacht
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Balcony | Infinity Yacht

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